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arrivals procrastinate *echo*
Klara Utke Acs

2018 Norberg Festival

2017 Made in Space Festival Copenhagen

arrivals procrastinate *echo* is a polyphony of choreographies initiated by dancer and performer Klara Utke Acs. It is a practice of social posing as a nonverbal – subtle yet forceful – mode of political positioning. As an eco-system of bodies, subjects and aliens, the performance is in instant dialogue with its surroundings. Melting into the situation where it takes place, it is indistinguishable from its environment. Meanwhile, the question arises: is the position of our bodies negotiable?
arrivals procastinate *echo* has been developed with performers Corinne Mustonen, Hanna Westling and Am Ertl, scenographer Tove Dreiman and composer Soho Rezanejad.

Photo credit: Tove Dreiman 

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