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Figure a Sea
Deborah Hay

2019 Borås Stadsteater

as apprentice for Cullberg

In Figure a Sea the dancer and the stage become a sea of endless possibilities. The choreography moves between being technically proficient and minimalist in its expression. It is intimately choreographed yet never the same. Hay challenges, without diminishing, the dancer’s intelligence, beauty, humor, and alacrity. Ease, accuracy, visibility, ambiguity and uniformity are the work’s key ingredients. Deborah Hay proposes the same set of “what if?” questions for the company dancers, as if stacking multiple meditations at once. They do not look at the world when they are dancing. They participate in it.

Composer: Laurie Anderson

Set and Lighting Design: Minna Tiikkainen

Sound Design: Martin Ekman

Costume: Marita Tjärnström

Rehearsal Director: Lisa Drake

Photo: Urban Jören 

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