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volcanoes organ pic.jpg

Volcanoes Are Wet Holes: a Swell

2019 Stockholm

Solo performance and degree project (BA Dance Performance) in collaboration with visual artist Sofia Herelius.

Supervised by Chrysa Parkinson. 

Trough their porous outlines and mysterious openings they are in direct relation to the natures macrocosmic body.

Their tears, milk, blood, seed, wound- and menstruation fluids are part of an all-embracing/universal timeless stream.

They are a hot mix of supernatural beings including God, the Devil, angels, demons, ghosts and fairies.

They are strange and unpleasant, especially on a silly and slightly frightening way.

They have weird shapes and distorted forms.

They simultaneously invokes in an audience a feeling of uncomfortable bizarreness as well as sympathetic pity.

They have many wet holes. They are leaking.

Bleeding from the armpit is an utter success.

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