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for who: open level - no previous dance experience needed
price: pay-what-you-can < 3
location: Liisa Pentti +CO studio, Laivakatu 5K.

thursdays in august 19-21
10/8, 17/8, 24/8, 31/8, 7/9
you can come once, twice... or all times!

In the contemporary dance club we tap in to our senses and let loose and shake and groove. We will invite all of ourselves and each others to dance. We will dance to music, without music, set choreographies, specific improvisations and compositional tasks. Here you can be everything you desire or nothing at all - fragile and brave and strong and pathethic but never alone.

If you're looking for great (and alternative) moves to great tunes - join the club!!


Corinne will meet you outside the building at 19. There will be time for changing clothes and warm-up before dancing.

All tasks can be modified according to the needs of the participants.
If you have any qestions, don't hesitate to email:

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