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is a dance performance, an installation and a concert.

a gathering of anthems and curious constallations. a hush and a puff and some pretty ballads. surely an attempt for the better but also not so pedagogic. it's a magnitude of thruths and heroes but honestly we're not so interested in neither of them.

it  all started from an ancient poetry collection, it ended up in sadboi  tunes. and somewhere in between the exfoliated layers of skin and latex  can be found a sensation of greatness and great defeat, a sim that can  not pass the door and a swenglish sss that sizzles too deep.

Come come come all. We'll sing and play and dance through fears, joyful tears and a few complicated years. for all of you you, from all of us. /ish

Performance: Corinne Mustonen

Sculptures and textures: Sofia Herelius

Sound: Vili Pääkkö 

Concept & choreography: Mustonen, Herelius, Pääkkö 

The performance is inspired by the collection of poems Tillkortakommanden by Claes Andersson (Söderström 1981).

ISH premiered at Luckan Helsingfors in June 2022. 

The performance is supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Konstsamfundet and Helsingin Kaupunki. Thank you to Jouni Järvenpää and Routa Company and Luckan Helsingfors for residencies and support.

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