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On The Cusp 
Ian Kaler, Planningtorock & Imogen Heath

2019 Dansens Hus Stockholm 

as apprentice for Cullberg

On The Cusp is a mix of live-practicing and synchronized movements, a spectrum of emotions and projections. The work presents a collection of portraits, of the individuals, as well as of the group. Together with the music of electronically synthesized brass sound composed by Planningtorock the performance is bold, dramatic, playful and deeply moving.

Choreographic framing and direction: Ian Kaler 

Performers: Cullberg ensemble

Music composed and produced by: Planningtorock 

Set design: Stephanie Rauch
Lighting design, cinematography and editing: Imogen Heath
Costume design and choreographic assistant: Stéphane Peeps

Photo: Eva Würdinger

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